About Tudor Hook-n-Nook

Tudor Hook-n-Nook is the premier fly fishing operation in the Erie area. We are a locally owned business that was founded by owners Bill & Lisa, and have been successfully operating guided fly fishing, fishing charters, water reports, and more for over 5 years.

Professionalism and experience is the foundation of the operation for many years to come. Please come by and visit with some of the familiar faces from the past as we prepare for an exciting future at the new Tudor Hook-n-Nook @ Elk Creek Sports!


Meet Our Team

Bill Noble
Bill Noble has spent the last decade perfecting the art of the fishing adventure. With a lifelong passion for various fishing species, he's chosen to call an area known for its exceptional Walleye and Steelhead fishing home. In the heart of their Meet & Greet area, Bill has carefully curated a bait, tackle, and fly-shop that's more than just a store – it's a reflection of his commitment to fellow fishing enthusiasts. Built by an angler, for anglers, the shop offers precisely what Bill and his Pro Staff use themselves, ensuring a successful outing for every visitor.

Lisa Noble
Lisa Noble is the other half of this dynamic duo dedicated to creating unforgettable fishing experiences. Over the past decade, Lisa has channeled her lifelong fishing expertise into building a welcoming fishing community. Together with Bill, she's set up a bait, tackle, and fly-shop in their Meet & Greet area, a space designed by fishermen for fishermen. They stock and sell precisely what they use, sharing the secrets of their success with fellow fishing enthusiasts. Lisa's commitment to providing top-quality gear and equipment ensures that every angler can enjoy a triumphant day on the water.

Bob Packey
Meet Bob Packey, the passionate angler behind Solitude Steelhead Guide Service L.L.C. With over 25 years of experience dedicated to the pursuit of steelhead, Bob's love for these fish knows no bounds. When he's not on a steelhead tributary, he's busy tying flies and getting ready for his next adventure. Check out his Facebook page for a glimpse of his recent steelhead expeditions – he's a true steelhead fishing enthusiast!

Keith Esbaugh
Are you looking for a fishing charter adventure with a twist of outdoor expertise? Meet Keith Eshbaugh, a seasoned angler and a true outdoorsman. When he's not on the water, Keith channels his passion for nature into crafting bows, arrows, and living a primitive lifestyle during hunting trips. He's not your typical angler - he's a bow-making enthusiast who goes native in a tepee during the off-season. His dedication to both high-tech fishing and primitive hunting showcases his versatile skill set. Join Keith for a fishing charter that promises more than just catching fish; it offers a unique experience with an outdoorsman who lives "as real as it gets."